Build with Echo-System

Echo-System – so named for repeating the life cycle of tires – has been years in the making. When the idea was first introduced, we had very specific goals in mind: to eliminate problems currently associated with traditional building and roofing systems, and to utilize an over-abundant resource that is currently harming our environment.

With over 30 years of roofing experience on Landmark projects throughout South Florida, the limitations of traditional roofing materials are well known to us.

Introducing ECHO

To commercial roofing

Echo Roof Blocks were invented and tested to resist hurricane force winds in order to bring 87% recycled content to roofing components that presently have zero percent recycled content.

These components include a replacement for wood blocking (Echo Edge), a sloping insulated block (Echo Block) and a reverse sloping and permeable block (Echo Flow) to create flat walking surfaces for tile and artificial turf.

All of these blocks are Dade County NOA, approved for concrete and steel decks and have a class A, Fire Rating by UL.

Echo-Systems provides a fire and moisture rated (combined) replacement for pressure treated lumber used in all wood blocking. The same benefits for tapered insulation panels while providing a flat, permeable surface for tile and artificial turf on rooftop, garden terraces.


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Watch how we turn end-of-life tire waste into the building material of the future through our globally patented proprietary process. We mix shredded tires with additional ingredients to produce a completely new, “green”, and innovative building material.

Shredded Tire Echo Edge
Echo Edge
Drip edge securely fastened directly into our Echo roofing system

Typically when you get to the edge of a roof, wood blocking must be installed that matches the height of the insulation that is butted up against it. The wood allows for metal to be fastened to it since metal cannot be fastened to insulation board. This creates a need for large amounts of chemically treated lumber and the process is labor intensive.  Echo Edge is seven times faster to install (see video comparison below). Echo Edge eliminates the need for lumber because  metal can be fastened directly onto Echo Edge. Made from the same material as Echo Block, but more narrow, Echo Edge has a screw pull out strength of 459.38 LBF and a Miami Dade NOA of -300 psf. Approved for all expansion joint blocking as well.


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ECHO Coping Block
Coming Soon
Following our successful testing and building code approval of Echo Edge, we are now in the process of performing testing on wood replacement for Coping Cap nailers. There are many millions of l/f of pressure treated wood consumed for this purpose. It is our mission to change that.
Coming soon…

A flat and permeable walking surface is the request we hear the most on nearly every rooftop terrace and garden project in Miami. Large pavers on clumsy, elevated, plastic pedestals have been the only solution, until now.

Echo roof terrace provides a slope to drain insulation (Echo Block) that allows the roofing system to be installed. The magic of Echo Flow provides the reversing slope that creates the permeable flat surface for tile or artificial turf. The entire assembly has a Miami Dade NOA and a UL Class A, fire rating.

Incredibly, simply by eliminating the Echo Flow, a natural place for planting media is created for rooftop gardens (without the expense of separating walls). This simple idea saves the need (and the cost) for the many roof drains in the separated planters of all other competing assemblies.

Learn more by viewing our descriptive BIM video showing the system being built.