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So green, it's black

It begins as a discarded old passenger tire. Yet this tire did not end up in a landfill, did not get burned up or dropped into the ocean. It made it to Shredded Tire Inc., where we shred it into mulch, send all the metal to the recycler — and then do something really amazing. We give it a new and better life!


We take this tire mulch with nylon strands and blend it with some portland cement and waste slag to achieve an 87% certified recycled content. Finally, we add a drop of water — and what do you think happens?


An indestructible block is formed (Miami Dade uplift -502 psf) that will last for thousands of years; gets stronger with age (5,000 hour age test); is fire-rated (Class A, UL tested assembly); is a natural insulator (R – 1.31 per inch); is moisture-resistant, mold-resistant and bug-resistant; will never rot; allows free flowing water through it (UL flow test); and saves millions of trees by replacing wood nailers (TAS-111 test from PRI). It will fill any mold, however big or small, and after only three days, emerge from that mold a perfect specimen every single time. It’s simple and easy to make, the raw material is abundantly available in every small town around the globe, and it’s internationally patent-approved.


Our new structural building and roofing system can and will be made everywhere in the world, all while clearing our planet of a waste that now defiles it.


And it starts right here in Miami, Florida — the city that brings it to the world.

About Us
Over 30 years of building and roofing experience

Shredded Tire Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative green solutions in roofing and building materials, using recycled tires as part of our international patent pending building system.

Through years of research and development, as well as many years of experience in the field, we have developed a system incorporating what is normally a waste product into construction materials that provide high strength, insulation, and LEED credits – all while tackling global waste!

  • Miami-Dade County Approved
  • UL Listed
  • LEED eligible
  • Strong
  • Efficient
  • Green
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