Why use wood blocking when you can use Echo Edge for your commercial roofing projects?

Advantages of Echo Block

  • 10x faster and easier to install than wood block
  • no nails or screws
  • comparable cost to wood blocking
  • fire-resistant, non-toxic (UL class A fire Rated)
  • rot-free, mold-free, termite-free
  • stronger, more durable than wood blocking
  • better insulator
  • never needs to be replaced
  • 87% recyclable, qualifies for LEED credits

Government tested and approved for all wood blocking including expansion joints. Available nationally thru ABC Supply Company.

Problems with Wood Blocking

  • cost is rising because of fires, low supply
  • labor-intensive to install
  • susceptible to rot, mold and termites
  • poor insulator
  • affixed with nails or screws/drilling
  • chemically toxic, stains the building
  • doesn’t qualify for LEED credits
  • requires thousands of trees each year
  • average lifespan 18 years

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