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Profitable and Sustainable Investing (ESG)

At Shredded Tire, Inc., we are not only a carbon neutral company but one of the very few that decarbonizes the planet while cleansing it of the waste that now defiles it.

Car tires, even if on a Tesla will create new carbon in the making of the tire and the number of tires produced is expanding well past 1.5 billion tires per year.

Our patented formula encases the carbon in its most inert form and creates building blocks to construct housing as well as being a replacement for wood blocking just to name two of the many uses we have developed, tested and obtained government approvals for.

Obviously, by using the shredded tires to build, we forgo the need to cut down trees and make cements, thereby, saving our precious natural resources (true Circular Economy) as the world population expands.

Our patents around the world are now in place or soon to be in 53 countries after five years of product development and testing. Manufacturing of the blocks are just getting started, government approvals for building are in hand and some are being finalized.

In the coming months we will be listing our stock on ClearList for our initial and then secondary funding rounds. ClearList will not only attract the large investors, but will allow each and every one of you the chance to purchase individual shares and be a part of an early stage startup that does much good for the world.

Shredded Tire, Inc., was profitable on day one of manufacturing and your help will allow us to scale it worldwide while building millions of safe, secure homes that will withstand the forces of hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. How long can these homes last? Forever is the term we’ve come to embrace.

Updates on the progress of the ClearList funding round will be displayed on this page over the coming months.

We look forward to your help in making Shredded Tire,Inc, a recognized name associated with all that’s good in the world.

Thank you,

Richard Spreen

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Richard Spreen
Founder, CEO